New generation of strain wave gears from igus
Have you been looking for a cost-effective and lightweight strain wave gear for your robot system? The new drylin strain wave gears offer compact, easy-to-assemble and self-lubricating performance thanks to the use of igus tribopolymer materials. The new strain wave gears that were developed in order to generate accurate movement along the 5th robot axis are part of the continually growing range of products for low cost automation.

By using self-lubricating high performance plastics, the gears require very little maintenance and have an especially long service life. Friction, backlash and wear are improved in contrast to metal gears. At the same time, the use of plastics enables an extremely compact design and cost-effective manufacture.

The strain wave gears are ideal for end-of-arm tooling/grippers on linear robots, articulated arms, and delta robot systems. They are suitable for direct connection of NEMA17 stepper motors and can easily be adapted to other types of motors.

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Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

The igus® e-skin® for clean applications in small spaces has a modular zipper design making it easily extendable with a fast assembly and easy access to cables.
uniVision 2.2: Image processing software receives PROFINET interface
uniVision – the parameterizable standard software for two and three-dimensional image processing by Wenglor has been given an update. The latest release 2.2 enables smart cameras and control units to be integrated into controls quickly and easily via a PROFINET interface. New software modules and new functions for the visualization of results also make this update particularly valuable for users. Thanks to the integrated interface in smart cameras and control units, the results of image and profile evaluations can now be transferred in real time via the established Industrial Ethernet standard. This makes seamless communication between the sensor, software and control even easier. Read more
How maintenance becomes predictable and easy thanks to intelligent smart plastics
"Digitisation", "Internet of Things", "Industry 4.0" and "Smart Production" – all these buzz words are no longer terms that are used in purely academic discussion forums but are now gradually becoming part of the normal everyday life of companies. Thanks to 'deep learning', robots used in production are already performing complex tasks whereas tablets and similar devices are almost taken for granted as part of the basic equipment of project managers and maintenance personnel. This development is characterised by the fact that data is the new key currency, generating and evaluating data is now a central task. Read more
Compact electromechanical linear actuators with embedded CAN bus support and PLC capability
Thomson has recently released the new Electrak MD, a more compact electromechanical actuator that retains all of the intelligence built into its larger counterparts. Mobile off-highway, material handling and factory automation applications can benefit from the compact actuator with up to two kilonewtons (kN) of force, advanced onboard electronics and J1939 CAN Bus support. Traditionally, motion control users looking for a higher load handling system use hydraulic actuators, however, these actuators are costly to maintain and use a lot of space. Designers can now achieve high precision and greater flexibility while reducing costs with the new Electrak MD. Read more
New compact and versatile modular support system for conduits and cables
Treotham presents the new generation of modular support system for conduits and cables which redefine the state-of-the-art for rolling stock applications in terms of ease of installation, flexibility, lightness, durability and compactness. BGPM by PMA is a lightweight, compact solution with high impact resistance. Thanks to the new design, external dimensions are reduced the very minimum and internal spacing between adjoining conduits is very small. The system is specifically designed for use in railway vehicle construction and other applications where fixation of parallel running conduits and cables is required. Read more
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