Safer cabling with PMA conduits

Wherever you install cable that will be stressed mechanically or exposed to environmental hazards, you can rely on the PMA range of flexible conduits to provide the right level of protection.

Manufactured by PMA in Switzerland and supplied in New Zealand exclusively by Treotham, market-leading PMA cable protection products are available for everyday applications and for technically demanding installations.

Our range of more than 6,500 PMA products gives you all the cable protection you need for industrial equipment building and for automation, building installations and anywhere power and data cables require dependable protection.

We have a choice of over 100 different conduits ranging from the longest lasting flexible robotic conduit to the high spec but low cost, medium duty PMA Smart Line range suitable for electrical wholesalers.

The PMAFLEX range offers thirty different conduits types for technically demanding applications with diameter sizes ranging from 4.5 mm to 125 mm. PMAFLEX also gives you a choice of lightweight to heavyweight and pliable to highly flexible.

Most PMAFLEX conduits are made of polyamide and are resistant against oils (cutting oil, hydraulic oil, ASTM-oil etc), fats, petrol and different acids. Standard colours are black and grey.

Where you need a conduit system that is quick and easy to install, the PMAFIX system is the ideal solution. When cut with a knife, the conduit cut edge remains clean and
smooth. The patented PMAFIX connectors are now even easier to mount, with no special tools needed.

When wiring, the smooth internal corrugation reduces friction between the cable and conduit by up to 50 percent compared with non-corrugated conduits, which makes it easier to run cables.

The PMAFIX system is made from a special polyamide to ensure optimal cable protection. The conduits can be bent very easily in all directions, which makes them suitable for machines and applications in constant motion.

The PMAFIX Pro range is designed with two components: an outer body and an inner sealing element. The sealing element functions both as a seal and as a locking mechanism providing all protection grades up to IP68 and IP69K. PMA universal connectors and fittings apply to all PMA conduit ranges and ensure similar high ingress protection levels.

All PMA conduit ranges are self-extinguishing when burnt and are free of halogen, phosphor and cadmium, so no poisonous or damaging gases or acids are emitted.

Our PMA short form catalogue is available for download from the Treotham website. It details the most frequently specified ranges of conduits and accessories and all those stocked in our distribution centre in Auckland.

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