New modular support system for conduits and cables

The most versatile, compact and lightest design of its kind on the market

Treotham presents the new generation of modular support system for conduits and cables which redefine the state-of-the-art for rolling stock applications in terms of ease of installation, flexibility, lightness, durability and compactness.

BGPM by PMA is a lightweight, compact solution with high impact resistance. Thanks to the new design, external dimensions are reduced the very minimum and internal spacing between adjoining conduits is very small. The system is specifically designed for use in railway vehicle construction and other applications where fixation of parallel running conduits and cables is required.

Thanks to the modular system, up to 30% of installation time can be saved. Each element can hold different combinations of both, conduits and cables in various sizes. Multiple conduits and cable in various sizes can be clamped in one element which is then secured with only two screws.

The new modular support system offers total flexibility in terms of installation complying with all kinds of installation requirements. Each element can host different combinations of both conduits and cables, in various and different sizes, so that cable routing is made easy regardless of its complexity. Furthermore, the fixation of the modular support system can be done with different techniques: on a C-rail, pre-assembled, stacked or upside-down.

The single rib fixation provides a high axial retention force and compatibility with both coarse and fine profile conduits. Conduits are able to rotate in the fixation preventing torsion stresses to conduits in moving systems.

The BGPM is compatible with all PMAFLEX, PMAFLEX Pro and PMA Smart Line conduits from Treotham Automation.

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