Two-in-one compact wiring

Space, time-saving assembly and permanent durable protection in harsh environmental conditions are increasingly important key arguments for connectors. Points that become especially challenging to the railway sector, offshore applications or other environments, where the wiring of complex components requires a balance between reliability and performance. To meet these needs, Treotham presents the new ILME IP68 MGK 2AP25 terminal box with cover designed to host and simplify the wiring of two “21.21” inserts in a single housing.

The enclosure guarantees vibration and shock-proof connection of the CGK-MGK ILME hoods via the usual IP68 screw locking system and the perfect grounding of housing and cover using the specifically made PE terminal points inside the box. The M25 cable entry is particularly suitable to receive cable glands for conduits and hybrid cables, completing the features of an enclosure designed to be versatile and reliable.

The durable ILME connector is available from Treotham Automation.

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