CKH Hygienic: safe for food

Treotham has enlarged the range of products for food and beverage applications with the new ILME CKH Hygienic enclosures size “21.21”, a perfect solution that meets the requirements of the sector and satisfies the need of compactness, a trend of most of the industrial fields.

The new series offers many advantages that make it the right product for the SPLASH production area of the food industry. They are very robust and safe, made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic material (PA) that are easily cleanable and resistant to the cleaning and sanitizing agents commonly used in food processing factories. They also have high detectability, where blue coloured moving or removable parts can be easily identified by video inspection to avoid any accidental contamination in food products. The locking levers are traceable also by metal detectors in case of accidental loss or fall in the food path.

The IP 66/67/69 degree of protection allows the enclosures to withstand high-pressure and high-temperature wash-down procedures guaranteeing also high durability over time.

The CKH enclosures are compliant with the main regulations of the food sector, such as ECOLAB® and EHEDG Guideline n.32 and can be used with the whole range of compact inserts including power, signal and data connectors.

For further technical details, contact Treotham Automation.

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