Why does igus need the UL verified certificate?

Many customers have been asking recently why igus are adding another certificate to thier product portfolio. They already have a UL certificate. Why another one? Why do they need the UL Verified certificate? What does it say and how does it differ from the existing one? These questions are legitimate and we will discuss them in this blog post and explain what makes UL Verified so unique.

Why UL Verified?

UL or Underwriters Laboratories is an independent science and technology company. It establishes and maintains industry-wide safety standards for mechanical, electrical and chemical products. Since 1894, UL's Safety Standards have included design recommendations and testing/construction requirements for various products. Also included here are electrical requirements for cables. UL is also a globally recognised test laboratory and one of the most widely accepted certification marks. In the USA, the mark appears on 22 billion products annually.

UL conducts regular product testing in accordance with applicable standards. This is followed by further audits to monitor compliance and product consistency.

What is UL Verified for?

The UL Verified mark allows consumers to verify the accuracy of marketing and promotional claims for a product, process, system or facility. UL conducts an independent, objective and scientifically sound evaluation. They then provide the manufacturer with a custom UL Verified logo (see below). This logo can be used by the company to support their marketing claims. This allows customers and consumers to easily identify safe and trustworthy items.

UL Verified for chainflex

In early 2020, UL reviewed igus’ 36-month chainflex® guarantee statement in several audits. This covers the electrical and mechanical performance of the cables and the process for calculating their service life.

The data of the tests are analysed and summarised in igus’ online service life calculator. You can easily enter your requirements in the service life calculator and find out how long a selected cable is expected to last in your application. Feel free to try it out!

After the successful completion of the audit igus also received their own UL Verified logo. The UL test mark with the number B129699 is an individual recognition feature. It allows the purchaser to look up more information online about the specific chainflex product promise verified by UL. This makes it easy for the customer to decide on chainflex.

Why does igus need a UL Verified certificate?

Due to these possibilities in combination with the new UL Verified certificate, igus were able to inspire even more customers and further strengthen their trust in their products.

Contact Treotham for more information on the UL certification for igus chainflex cables.

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