The CEM-AR-C40 features solenoid and integrated evaluation electronics and is used in applications that require guard locking for process protection.

The solenoid achieves a locking force of 600 N and prevents safety devices from being opened unintentionally when guard locking is not active.

The transponder signals are evaluated in the safety switch when the safety guard is closed, and if the signals match, the two safe semiconductor outputs are switched. When controlling the solenoid, the guard locking is activated and the locking force tested. If the force is greater than 400 N, a status signal is transmitted to the control system.

Features include:

  • Safety switch with integrated solenoid for process protection (without guard locking monitoring)
  • Adhesive force adjustment can be adjusted in 3 levels from 0 to 50 N
  • Locking force of 600 N
  • Integrated CES-AR electronics
  • A special evaluation unit is not required
  • Various diagnostic options
  • 2 x 4 LEDs in housing
  • Up to 20 AR devices can be connected in series in a chain
  • Electrical connection is simple via plug connectors
  • Safety category 4 and PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 for the door position monitoring

 Operating Manual

Product Name CEM-AR
Name of Chapter Safety
Name of Sub Chapter Solenoid Locking Switches
Brand Name Euchner

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