Compact Controllers

Compact controllers are the ideal solution for applications requiring compact designs, optimum price performance ratio and simple connection technology. They integrated position controllers are P30, P40, P85 and P87.

P30 is a 1 axis, user-friendly compact position controller with relay outputs, which enable a positioning with up to three speed options. It can be operated in manual inching mode and in programmed operations, and has a 99 lines memory available.

P40 is a 1 and 2 axes controllable compact position controller with diverse interfaces. It has a convenient and rapid input of nominal value, and if required, input a quantity figure. The actual value, nominal value, quantity and other important values are shown in the LCD display. Parameterisation is carried out in plain text via a graphic menu. It is available with extensive software standard and an internal program memory of up to 500 lines. It has 16 digital outputs and three different variants of output signals including shutdown positioning, PID and ramp controlled analogue output.

The retrofitting sector includes four different products. P8511 is a simple controller without programmable memory. P8721 is a simple controller with programmable memory. P8822 is a two axis controller with programmable memory. P9511 and P9521 are compact simple controllers with programmable memories.

Product Name Compact Controllers
Name of Chapter Measuring Systems and Controllers
Name of Sub Chapter Position Controllers
Brand Name Elgo

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