Fork Sensors for Label Detection

Whether paper or plastic, printed or transparent: ultrasonic fork sensors detect labels on any base material regardless of color, degree of transparency and surface characteristics. They even reliably detect transparent labels on transparent base materials at high process speeds. This is due to varying ultrasound attenuation resulting from different material thicknesses, because the label on the base material attenuates the ultrasound to a greater extent than the bare base material between two labels. A small gap of just 2 mm between labels is sufficient for reliable detection within the application.

The emitter and the receiver in ultrasonic fork sensors are set up as a light barrier in a single housing. This simplifies installation because there’s no need for sensor alignment. Easy sensor setup by simply pressing the teach-in key provides for optimum convenience and user-friendliness.

Application Examples:

  • Detection of dark, transparent or printed labels

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Product Name Fork Sensors for Label Detection
Name of Chapter Sensors
Name of Sub Chapter Ultrasonic Sensors
Brand Name Wenglor

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