Ultrasonic Reflex Sensors

Ultrasonic reflex sensors with two independent switching outputs are ideally suited for monitoring minimum and maximum values for fill-levels, distances and stack heights. The sensors feature a miniature format and are equipped with the latest IO-Link version, via which measured values can be read out, diagnoses can be prepared and parameters can be defined. Thanks to the intuitive teach-in instructions on the back of the sensor, the switching points can be set up manually in just a few seconds without any previous product knowledge.

Ultrasonic reflex sensors can be used in the synchronous as well as the through beam operating modes. Up to 40 sensors can emit their ultrasonic pulses simultaneously in the synchronous mode in order to detect one or more objects on a large surface. In the through-beam mode, one sensor set up as an emitter, and another set up as a receiver, are located directly opposite one another or arranged at an angle to each other. The through-beam operating mode offers the advantages of expanding the sensors’ range and increasing their switching frequency.

Application Examples:

  • Fill-level measurement
  • Stack height measurement
  • Position monitoring
  • Distance monitoring
  • Slack monitoring
  • Presence check

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Product Name Ultrasonic Reflex Sensors
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