The CTP‑BI is based on the proven principle of the safety switch CTP and has an additional bistable locking function.

 In normal operation the guard locking is controlled via an input signal. When the operating voltage is switched off, the guard locking is maintained in its current position. This means that the safeguarded door remains either locked or unlocked, regardless of locking principle, until power is reapplied.

The bistable guard locking solenoid therefore provides an additional measure of prevention of an individual becoming accidentally locked inside a guard locked door, whether for service, maintenance, or cleaning. 

The bistable function of the solenoid also prevents the deactivation of guard locking if there is a power failure. It is not possible to enter immediately the danger area if there are overtraveling machine movements

Product Name CTP BI
Name of Chapter Safety
Name of Sub Chapter Solenoid Locking Switches
Brand Name Euchner

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