Chainflex® Energy Chain Cables

Chainflex® cables are specially manufactured for use in energy chains (drag chains, power chains). Their unique design ensures long life under the most extreme installation conditions.

Advances in automation technology have demanded high flexible energy chain cables be more reliable and last.

Chainflex® cables have many unique design features which guarantee their success. We are so confident in the quality of the Chainflex® cables that if they fail you get your money back.

Guided cables often failed although the energy chain supply system itself was functioning perfectly. In extreme cases, failures caused by “corkscrews” and core ruptures brought the entire production process to a standstill and resulted in high costs.

Based on the increasing know-how gained since 1989 and on the very sophisticated series of tests that have been conducted since then, design principles were and are still being created that help prevent machine downtimes in factories throughout the world today.

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